Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mobile Embedded Apps


Mobile embedded application would be a helpful tools to widen our hobby applications and some commercial oppurtunity to venture with.If we will notice mobile phones 's cost depreciate alot some has a bargaining promo " buy one take one" just to sold out thier items. And the trend of trading to consumers are quite interesting, well, on techno guys, hobbyists and experimenter mobile phones could be a good options to use and develop.Why so? it is becuase technically you coud have an MCU evaluation board with display and RF transciever in just one cell phone equivalent.But personally, I have some intentions why it gets me interest to include on my hobby activities: 1)lower cost, 2)Portability and flexibilty of a system ,3) killer apps 4) free online docs and supports and 5) there are a lot of competitions that would challenge then take note with a bigger price.

So let me discuss again the HowTos how could I help share your this another techno hobby.I am excited very much.

PC(PII above)
Bluetooth Kit(locally available)
MCU(any microcontroller)
Mobile Phones(w/ bluetooth features)


1) To demontrate the use of j2mw emulator
2) To load demo apps to mobile phones via bluetooth
3) Coding a simple applications
4) Controlling bluetooth kit using CP




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