Wednesday, May 4, 2011

CHDK reInventing Canon Camera

This tutorial will be dealing about the hard core of hacking Canon Cameras. Some technique or reverse engineering will be explained how signals are turned into a parsed data and the combinations that lead to the analysis of protocol behind the original Canon Firmware.

Here we explain and give understanding :

How hacking is done in Canon?

How signals are decoded and converted into a data

How data are analysed as format of protocols

Its preamble?

Its ports addresses?

Its acknowledge data

How data is checked and evaluate
CRC and checksum

and so forth..

Canon Cameras
LED,Photo Diode
DB9 serial Comm port
Microphone (sound into waves)

1) To explain How hacking is done in Canon Camera
2) How to bypass the original Canon Firmware using CHDK scripts
3) To give an example of reverse engineering Canon PowerShot G11




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