Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Buko Pi (Re-Inventing the Pi)


I am a Linux enthusiast with more than a decade of experience in an embedded hardware/Software hobby, and a passion for an open source design as well. It is just a time to  explore the vast  possibilities of resources  that the open community had shared to everybody. In my  case, am willing to partake the computing industry-why? simple, all of us  need computers from toys,tablet to high end servers. 

I do want to uphold the vision  of Raspberry Pi(Banana Pi) project, and other similar ARM allwinner make CPUs.Thus, I  like to reinvent the  Pi with better hardware and software specifications plus a DIY and experiment tutorials  .See for example why use TV output for display when there are more  available VGAs and HDMI hardware ? Why only use an OS where in a kernel compilation  can embed code as built in function/s and make it stand alone device(its a monster MCU) ? And it's not only the  removable SD card but it also includes SATA port .This  Buko  Pi   can boot up with variety of  OS flavours  such as Debian Linux, Raspbien, Android, Arch Linux and so on. Well, since Microsoft had stopped Windows XP support cracker are invited all around the cyber to crack it and see if we can port the system as what Windows RT did. 

So Buko Pi, is a very promising development board as there are more applications awaits to be deployed and implemented. As long as Allwinners ,Rockchip,Linaro and other companies had opened their development in the community; to those geeks who are willing to innovate something for the usage of embedded system-its a big grace to thank for.

My vision is to start with low-cost and more hardware capabilities  of Buko Pi that will suits to the need of academic community  ,then we could foster lots of contributions in the  industrial,agricultural  or  in the scientific fields from time to time. At least here in the archipelago; and so, be it happen folks!


Ubuntu/Debian Image

Buko Pi
SD Card/Sata Drive

1) To test and enhance a dual core A20  development board
2) Use Buko Pi for Linux (debian,Fedora,etc ) OS
3) To use Ubuntu applications


1) Buko Pi Development board

2) Buko Pi Operating system's compilation



Getting to know  Buko Pi


  1. First thing i want to say to you is... you need a bigger bench to work on... :D
    Jokes aside, i think this is a really great idea, and i really hope this makes the pi easier and friendlier to use. Could you also consider using the quadcore processor Rockchip RK3188 ?

    1. Hi Sir Martin,

      Good Day.

      Yep you are right there, it could be a lot bigger,yet if we are going to observe this will be easier if we focus on porting all the available resources on the net : cubieboard,banana Pi, Raspberry Pi,Raxda ,MK808,Rk3188.So our aim is to simplify and make it within the grasp of an average tech guy.Thus, we are just saturating the technology from complex to simple and user friendly embedded computer. About quadcore RK3188 ,a Raxda is available ,what it lacks is the I/O pin(but can cracked) and the SATA port :)

      Thanks for the comment...